Patty Spiglanin: Vocals and Guitar

Patty founded the band back in 1990 as The Naked Barbie Dolls.  Throughout the group's long history, including name changes and a shifting lineup of lead guitarists, Patty's striking, crystal clear voice has been the focal point of their recordings and stage performances.  She writes most of the band's songs, either on her own or in collaboration with her fellow Barbies.

Patty grew up in Orange County, CA, but has lived in the Bay Area for many years.  She occasionally performs solo acoustic showcases in local nightclubs and has toured various parts of the U.S. with other singer/songwriters.


Mike Conner: Keyboards, Accordion, Harp, etc.

Whether he's playing the electric piano, blasting away on a harmonica or squeezing the accordion, Mike is the Naked Barbie's all around utility instrumentalist.  You can always count on him to fill in the gaps and add texture to the band's rootsy sound.  On at least one occasion, he has actually taken a turn at the microphone, too.  Perhaps, we should rename him Mike Versatility.  If you think his talents end here, you would be mistaken.  Mike is also an award winning science fiction novelist, with a number of published titles under his name.  He is married to Lisa Seitz, a beautiful young scientist, and they recently purchased a home in the Oakland hills. Mike has now surprisingly taken up gardening.  Notice Mike's new straight choppers!


Dan Lashkoff: Drums, Percussion, Vocals

Danny discovered drumming at an early age and spent most of his youth in Modesto, California playing along to Beatles records. Name a Beatles song and Danny can drum out Ringo's part. He is also a salesman extraordinaire (ask anyone who walked into Bancroft Clothing in the last 15 years to buy a pair of shoes) who now works as a Sales Rep. He is married to the smart and lovely Annie Perry and is the proud papa of Marnie, age 3 and new arrival Thomas.


Evan Eustis: Basses, Vocals

Evan, a native of Colorado, has been with the Barbies almost from the band's inception in 1990. Before then he and Danny played in a power trio called the Furlongs, which was one of the first bands signed to Alias Records back in 1988. By day he is an Animal Control Officer in Contra Costa County, by night he is an avid ice hockey player and tends to his beloved dogs, Miss Bucket and Younger Gigi.