Available only on this website - classic videos from the Naked Barbies film archives.  Eat your hearts out  MTV !!!

For our first video, we dial Mr. Peabody's WayBack machine to the year 1994.  Weasel Disc Records produced this video of us performing "Love Ain't Smart" to promote our Dancing With Vacuums CD.  Hans Raag was on lead guitar.

The next two videos were filmed at  the Starry Plough not sure exactly when.   I think we were in between guitar players, so maybe 2001 or it could of been 1996.  The videos were shot  by Jungle Dave.  I ran into Dave at the farewell weekend at the Ivy Room (may it rest in peace).  They're a bit dark, but in the shadows you might catch glimpses of Evan on bass, Danny on drums, and Jeff Hobbs sitting in and playing violin.  

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